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Our Story


Buddha Treasures started in 2012 after my first trip to Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. While visiting, I was excited by the exceptional quality of their handmade products and the superb crafting abilities of the artisans. I left South East Asia back to my home in New York City with extraordinary memories of seeing those artists at work sculpting beautiful Buddha statues. I've always had a passion for collecting Buddha statues and a great appreciation for anything handmade. That's how I decided to start my shop offering high quality hand crafted Buddha statues and other works of art from these countries. I am truly commited to offering just one thing: Quality Handmade.



We work exclusively with workshops that provide training and employment to artisans from poor remote rural villages in Cambodia and Vietnam allowing them to earn a living to support their families without having to migrate to large cities in search for work and losing the crafting skills taught over generations. I wanted to be an advocate of these talented artisans by purchasing their works as a way of helping them. When you buy from Buddha Treasures, you are purchasing carefully selected Buddha statues and other original works crafted with artistry and helping these artists keep their heritage alive and create a better future for themselves and their families.



Buddha Treasures works with artists with disabilities who are land mine and polio victims. Unfortunately in Cambodia, there is still a great deal of marginalization of these individuals. With the help of private organizations, these people are provided with varied types of training such as wood carving, metal casting and quilting so they can acquire the means to support themselves and most of all, regain their pride and worth and be productive individuals in their families and society.
We also work with organizations in Vietnam with the objective of generating employment for women in remote villages enabling them to keep their family together and improve their quality of life. Some of these women are the quilters of our beautiful quilts.
Buddha Treasures is about helping people to be productive in their lives and offer our customers fine handmade products, authentic Khmer wood Buddha statues, metal Buddhas, artistic Cambodian sculptures, Vietnamese quilts and items for the home crafted with artistry and pride. We are hoping to make a difference in these important people's lives. Namaste!

With warm wishes,
Sergio Taublib






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