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New Shipment of Gold Leaf Buddhas Arriving From Cambodia


We are so happy to announce to our customers that a new shipment of hand crafted gold leaf Buddhas are arriving from Cambodia. They are stunning pieces, museum quality statues hand made at the workshop of our talented artisans in Seam Reap.

View The Artisan Sculpting The Eggshells Gold Buddha Statue

In this video, you will see the artisan sculpting the eggshells gold Buddha statue we offer. The workshop employs Cambodian craftsmen among them young deaf people over the age of 18. They tutor them in developing their technical and artistic skills in excellent working conditions. Please enjoy!

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Our Eggshells Gold Buddha Statue In Progress

Dear friends and customers:You can see here our Eggshells Gold Buddha statue in progress in our workshop in Cambodia. The eggshells have been carefully cracked using pins and applied across the surface of the statue fitting like a jigsaw. The next step is the application of gold leaf.

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New Buddha Statues Are Arriving From Cambodia

We are glad to inform to our customers that we are expecting a new arrival of Buddha statues from Cambodia. These new statues are being hand crafted using gold leaf and crushed eggshells on wood. They will be spectacular works of Art!

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